Bringing Women Into Your Life

What are you doing to bring women into your life? You might be thinking about dating beautiful women but just don’t know hot to meet them. While you can go to bars and clubs, try speed dating or internet dating or ask a friend to set you up, the easiest way to meet women is to create a life style that brings women into your life.

If all you do is play sport, play computer games or go to work, these activities aren’t likely to help you meet women. This guide provides you things you can do to help women gravitate towards you.

(1) Learn a skill that women will appreciate

The first thing you can do is learn a skill that women in your life will appreciate. Here are some examples:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Cooking
  • Solo Dancing like Hip-Hop
  • Couples Dancing like Salsa
  • Sensual Dancing like Bachata, Zouk or Lambada

I can’t harp on enough about the last one in particular.

(2) Do a course or join a club about something you find interesting

Go to your local college, training organisation or local club and see if there are any classes you could take in your spare time. Examples:

  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking

These things help make you more interesting and give you good things to talk about. They also help make you more well rounded and as a result will make women feel like there is a lot to now about you.

(3) Get fit!

Just like you find slim girls who look after themselves attractive, women are attracted to fit men. It is very primal and women will naturally gravitate towards a man who looks after himself. Examples:

  • Lift Weights
  • Play a sport like football
  • Train a martial art (e.g. boxing and kick boxing)

(4) Get a hobby that women will also have

Women don’t tend to lift weights, read science fiction, play video games or play football. While it’s fine to have a diverse range of hobbies, if you want to bring women into your life take an interest in something women will also do.

  • Art Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Pilates
  • Self-Defence (Krav Maga and Aikido are far more likely to have women)

(5) Make female friends

Use these things to make friends with women. If it’s a skill use it to strike up a conversation, if it’s a class use it to talk to the girls in the class and if it’s getting fit wear some nice clothes to show off your body. If you are naturally surrounded by women you will learn how they work, think and feel. You will become more naturally attuned to women and you will learn about things you should and shouldn’t do. But having female friends also helps bring other women into your life. They can introduce you to their friends, help you talk to other women and tell you what to do or say if you’re having troubles with dating or in relationships.

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