Cornerstone For Life – Every Happy Life Depends On A Planned Foundation

Your cornerstone for your life is the absolute most important, basic, essential, and indispensable stable element for your successful future. Therefore, focus your attention on values that have been historically approved by religions and cultures such as: loyalty, humility, integrity, courage, generosity, compassion, and perseverance.

Conscious knowledge of your own character, motives, desires, and feelings is absolutely necessary as you gather the ingredients to construct the cornerstone of your life.

When you know yourself well, you can better utilize your strengths and weaknesses to avoid distractions by people, things, and places that are incompatible with the real you.

Clearly understand your important basic beliefs and values so you can focus and use your energy to achieve your goals. Understand that fame, power, and wealth are not goals that will properly nourish your most important values.

In the construction of a building the cornerstone supports the whole building. If taken out, the building will fall apart. This cornerstone is important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus establishing the position of the entire structure.

The same principles apply to the cornerstone of life. Your life is a structure. It is constructed from several complex parts and the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of your life always produces individual complexities.

Your attitude and determination to successfully deal with life’s difficult situations and solving each problem as it occurs will prove to be the solution to successfully building your cornerstone of life.

If you understand where you want to be, you can guide your actions daily to get you closer to your target.

Develop your fundamental ‘plan’ so that it will be hard to change in character, defeat, or disperse. Let this plan be your center of operations for concentrating your thoughts and actions as you develop your cornerstone of life. Allow this ‘plan’ to be your assumption and presumption.

After all is said and done I strongly feel that the utter element necessary in your plan and construction of your cornerstone for life is “Happiness”.

Happiness is a mood or a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness is a choice YOU have to make. It is a state of being only you can create. Finding true happiness is a very personal journey. It is found in the travel not the place you visit or stay or stop.

Happiness is a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. Avoid worries, fears and obsessing thoughts. Stop and meditate every day. It’s easier to choose happiness when the mind becomes peaceful.

Avoid taking everyday things in life for granted. Return a smile with kind words. Appreciate God’s beauty all around you. Be thankful that you aren’t hungry, and be a true friend to your friends.

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