How Noon Serials Or Drawing Room Serials Spoil Natural Life

Drawing room serials tend to weaken vigorous sexual appeal among the viewers. They seem to propagate and project refined kinds of manners and behavior in life especially among the middle class society but they have gone too far into the matter and have limitations beyond repair and the worst outcome in life is obvious in estranged relations between different family members. This is only the tip of the ice berg.

Have you ever noticed that drawing room or noon serials as popularly called have become a habit to watch particularly among the housewives. The second matter to see is if the life style of the ladies concerned has changed.

Notable symptoms are irregular timing of cooking, washing and serving meals in a home. The shape of pan cakes is not round anymore rather these show corners stretched in most cases of carelessness in finished baking. In dishes served there are obviously reports of mismatched quantities of added spices ending up in awful taste of the whole meals. In washing the used utensils, there are clearly visible stains left of the powerful chemical cleaners in the interior parts of crockery including plates, glasses and cups. They pose harm to normal health and are ingested with the next served meals without notice. The excuse is life becoming busier and faster for the fair sex.

Irritable behavior pattern has developed more than ever. Children in many cases are becoming victims of rude bahavior at home. Watching these noon serials is proving a hidden bane for the viewers. Ladies especially are being affected unwittingly because they with time develop a craze or rather obsession with such serials and in most cases they watch them with much more attention as compared to other important activities like child care. As a result children demanding attention get an unmindful response from an indifferent mom. Most middle class housewives now do not like to share with children other finer chores like talking about nature, wild life, watering the plants, sharing talk about activities at school, social relations and the like.

As if the characters have become role models in life, certain ladies begin to identify themselves with the victims shown as sufferers in life. Sometimes they assume a pitiable attitude. The women begin to think they need lots of pity from the others especially from husbands as their protectors. In this prolonged process of watching noon serials, the ladies develop such a craze that despite of cheap content the endings of these serials are designed in a clever way to leave the viewers in curiosity what would happen in the next episode. As a result most house wives take into their head not to miss the serial at any stage.

These serials tend to separate people from nature. There is much importance given to high glitter and pomp show of wealth and money. There is no place for adventure and exploration outside decorated drawing rooms. As such people adopt in the long run a life style as habit of thinking in narrow terms and far from open atmosphere.

Such is the craze of these drawing room serials that ladies watch them freezed in time and space without being conscious of what is happening around. In majority of cases it is interesting to know that milk overflows and gets burnt in the kitchen but the house wife is lost in watching serials. Only the pungent smell when spreads and reaches the drawing room, people come to know something wrong has happened.

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