How To Shop For The Right Life Coach For You

There are many reasons and benefits to hiring a life coach. They can provide you with support; tools, techniques and strategies that can fit comfortably in your existing life style and along with some effort, patience and work, they can put you on a path to increased success and an improved life.

Once you feel that you are completely ready to commit in bringing about the desired change/ achieving your goals, it’s time to go shopping – yep, shopping for a Life Coach that fits your needs perfectly.

Let’s look at what will help you in your search –

1. Different life coaches can specialize in different fields – Relationship experts, Career Coach, Personal growth and Self-improvement. Based on your needs, first step is to look for a coach that has the same field of interest / specialty. After all what’s the point of going to a relationship expert if you are looking to find out what your next career move should be or what kinds of profession will you be good at.

2. Also it is absolutely possible to work with a life coach over the phone. The sessions are just as effective and productive as face to face ones. Coaches can combine your sessions with email support. Hence geographical location should not looked as a hindrance in your search. Do some internet searches, look at directories – any healing, health, alternative health – all are good resources. Referrals from trusted sources are always valuable.

3. Once you’ve identified a few prospects, you want to start looking at each one more closely. Today there are no regulations that control this rapidly growing profession, which means anyone can become a Life Coach. There are some private federations such ICF, Coach U etc. that have their own set of guidelines and code of ethics but nothing that the government regulates. Hiring someone that is affiliated to any such federation does tend to bring an amount of credibility and merit.

But just like as in any other profession, there is no rule though that says that only those with credentials make a “good” life coach. Getting certified albeit important does not make one necessarily fantastic at one’s job. In other words, deliver the results. You have to take into account many other things. Coaching is a process that involves skills. One needs a certain kind of personality, mindset, aptitude, communication style, background and experience that will make them good at their work. Try to find out what makes them an expert in their field – Do they have the relevant work experience? How long have they been practicing for? Can they give you any examples on what kind of goals/ situations have they helped their clients with? Etc.

4. Since you’re going to be partnering and teaming up with your life coach, it is essential to ensure that the two of you have the right working chemistry with each other. Many coaches provide a free initial consultation which is a great opportunity to get a feel on things. Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions that will help you get an understanding of what your prospective coach is about, what their work ethics and styles are etc. Mutual comfort between the two of you will help strengthen the work commitment. Working and achieving your goals is often a profound journey and you want to try to make sure that you are getting ready to embark upon it with the right companion.

5. Being an Intuitive myself, I can’t stress enough on the importance of listening to your own “gut”. Before making the decision, just ask yourself – Is this the right coach for me? Will they assist me for my highest good? Be patient and listen to what comes through. Follow what your intuition tells you.

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