Is Life Really What They Say Is Suffering?

Why do people suffer? What is it all about? It was told that Buddhism flourished because of the inevitable fact that people suffers, there is no denying that suffering happens to everyone, hence Buddhism flourished all over the world… But why do people suffer?

  1. Why are there pain happening all over the world?
  2. Why are there fears everywhere that we turn?
  3. Why are there no justice, no fairness everywhere?
  4. Why does good people seems to get seems to get step all over, never getting a good break?

Overall, why do we as human beings suffer so?

Have you ever wondered why people need to be booted on the back side before they do things? Why people leave things to the last minute before they decided to take action and actually finishing when it could have been completed way earlier?

Have you also experienced an very bad emotion that causes you to do something to which you would not other wise have considered or even do?

Why when there is something unfair has to happen before you actually take a stand to do what you wanted to do, else you would just let it be?

Why when a person has had a Near Death Experience that they reported that their live have changed, that there seems to be a ‘lack of fear’ and life changed there after?

Today, I wake up with this realization… I guess it has always been there, but finally it hit a home run today, coupled with many other issues that was with me as I woke up looking out at Spain from our balcony.

Everything happens to ‘move us forward’!

Everything that we perceived as bad, unfair, painful was designed to move us forward, towards where we are suppose to be.

There is only one constant, that is everything is in a state of motion, constant and never ending movement! We are supposed to keep moving. When we are not moving, pain sets in to move us.

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