Life Change – The Thinking Behind the Process

For some people, regular routines are the order of the day and they are quite happy to follow the same routine for a very long time. For others, the idea of life change can be very appealing. It may be because they get bored easily, are super adventurous, or just have a very outgoing lifestyle. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to look at major life style changes when they retire, or possibly after many years in the same employment.

Whichever your situation might be, it is worth understanding the reasons for the change, as if it is not well planned, you can actually end up worse off. On the other hand, with prior preparation and planning, you can find the changes represent a great improvement in the quality of your life. As well as this, you need to make sure the changes are for the right reason. Sometimes, just changing for the sake of change can be costly, time consuming, and not very satisfying.

Hence, I recommend you take time out to really reflect. I recommend a quiet paddock or perhaps, a quiet spot by a flowing river, or under a tree and so on. Be really open with yourself and write down all your feelings. The feelings you have that are happy, the disappointments and anything else that comes to mind. It is like drawing a map of your current situation. You need to be honest and open and also state what you really want. By doing this, you are actually working out your conscious situation and also will soon start to reflect unconsciously about the situation too.

I mention the link between the two conscious states as in this way, you will work to bring about a meeting if you will, between the subconscious and the conscious state. Putting this another way, when you are outwardly living your life as it is in your core beliefs, you are on the path to maximum satisfaction and fulfillment. Understanding this, you are able to better decide what you really want to do. It may be a full life change, like moving to a new area, or changing your work.

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