Living In Style, Your Home, Sweet Home

‘Roti, kappra aur makan’ (food, clothes and shelter) is not the ‘mantra’ (magic- words) of this era of luxury and fashion. With this changing world, its inhabitants as well as their demands have changed a lot beyond recognition. Man is no more satiated with the minimum and basic requirements of life. Everybody wants to relish the best of all things, be it food, garments or shelter. Though it is a characteristic of all human beings that they are never satiated with what they get. They always want to have more and more. There is no end of their wish list. But this urge of man to get more, has also helped him to wade through all obstacles of life. It has also acted as a source of inspiration to move forward. And the word shelter carries more weight as it displays one’s living standard and strength.

Now a house does not mean only the four walls of brick and mortar but the ‘term living in style’ has evolved to take its place. Living in style or living kingly is the catchphrase of the time. A more demand for an elegant living will generate in future for sure. The definition of house has been changed significantly. It has moved from a mere shelter to a sign of premium living, from single standing Project to Condominium, from cement paint exterior to plush glass and metal front. There is a gradual leap from simple apartments to A/c apartments. French windows, aluminum sliding doors, terrace pools, a small garden with the living room, spa and Jacuzzi in the master toilet with shower panel, high quality flooring and specification have become the thing of necessity. Amenities like sophisticated waiting lounge, shopping mall, swimming pool, community hall, children’s park, lots of open spaces and garden, health club, club house, high speed automatic lift with top class security and facility management are on the top of their list. What was considered a luxury few years ago has now become a necessity with the changing lifestyle. It is also due to this aspiration of man to lead a life of comfort and luxury that men are coughing up a good some of money on it. The whole world has learned to live a life in a more stylish way.

People are also running after the most sought concept of building automation or the digital homes. The concepts of digital homes have already reached many countries but still there are such countries that are still untouched by the concept of digital homes. The system enables its owners to control everything from lights, curtains and security system and operate appliances like microwaves, air conditioners and geysers through landlines and mobile phones ( via SMS also). The owner can also connect their homes with internet to control the gadgets and view their homes.

Moreover, after you come back home, you can get fresh and cool air around you, your food already ready to eat, all lights on and many more such services can be controlled only through a SMS from your mobile phone from any nook and corner of the world. This system will prove to be a friend in need of yours.

Finger identification doors, video door phone, gas leak detector, smart card and cameras are already there. But a new leaf has been added with the invention of door alarm which will aware the owner if the door is not properly locked.

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