New Year – New Life (Style) Resolution

As you start the New Year, you want to equip yourself with the necessary tools for lasting improvement in every area of your life. Losing weight belongs to the priority tasks and this time resolution will not remain just an empty promise.

The sure fat loss 2011 comes pursuant to educated decisions about the way you want to follow – and to enjoy. This is the new aspect of the weight loss challenge: you’ll enjoy what you do and how you do it. The following three steps don’t reinvent cold water. No new breakthroughs – and no hype. They just work.

Change your attitude from a loser to a fat loser

The recipe starts with changing your attitude in order to discover keys to having more fun, ideas and energy for managing challenging situations like weight loss. Attitude, the way you approach things, is everything, and you’ve probably heard that before at least thousand times. My secret to change my thoughts and as a result my attitude is simple: every time I see a situation hopeless or too challenging, I am asking myself: What, if the opposite is true?
This simple question helps to relieve stress pressure, both internally and externally also when it comes to weight loss. If you learn to see yourself successful, you’ll believe that your old slim body can happen to you again. So, please ask yourself every time you are full of doubt: what, if the opposite is true?

Enjoy healthy water

There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the net about the optimal components of healthy drinking water. Please inform yourself on the website of your water supplier about the quality of your tap water. If no information available or you just want to be on the sure side, you can form an ad-hoc interest group consisting of people living in your house/street and collect the money for testing your tap water by a certified lab. Knowing the results is important as the chemicals you consume daily with your tap water influence your bodies’ overall health.

If you tap water has added toxins (among other fluoride and chlorine), you may consider the purchase of an affordable water filter that detoxifies your water but does not filtering out important minerals. Water is life itself and as 75% of your body consists of it, healthy water brings more health to you. The 8 glasses of water per day are a rule of thumb but the real need varies from people to people. If you drink more often than you feel thirsty, it will serve you.

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