Preparing For Retired Life On Our Canal Boat

It had long been an ambition of mine to retire to the waterways of Great Britain…

To Live A Carefree Life On Board.

It sounds Idyllic doesn’t it? Life onboard a capacious narrow boat, chugging around at walking pace. No roots, no ties.. just waterside inns and countless ports of call…

As I openly shared my vision (so vivid and well planned out), my beloved wife – who is ever the realist – went on to say: “Well, that sounds wonderful darling, but how do you propose we live?”

To which I replied..

“Sell the house, buy a boat and live off the surplus of course! These modern boats are extremely comfortable all year round.. Fully heated, all mod cons with washing and drying machines built in. We’ll have everything we could possibly need, my love!”

A high volume discussion followed at that point… and after 27 years of matrimonial bliss, we nearly didn’t make it to 27 and a half.

How To Pay For – A Life On Board

During this disgraceful display of insubordination for the Captain, The First Mate

(AKA ‘The Wife’) calmly pointed out the several “tiny” flaws in my vision.

I won’t embarrass myself or bore you with the details but it became very clear that my well planned ambition (or Plan A) had not been as well-planned as I thought.

I realised that selling up was not the best option for my family, and to indulge The Captains dream, I would have to devise to a better, more realistic “Plan B”.

I had to find a way to substantially increase our net worth, as well as our ongoing income. On top of that, I needed do it in a way where I wasn’t trading in all my time. To realistically make my dream a reality, I needed something that I could “set and forget”

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