Supplemental Oxygen and Pulse Oximeters – Benefits In A Patient’s Life Style

At one time there was a certain amount of resistance to portable pulse oximeters as it was believed that patients on supplemental oxygen would be checking their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate all the time. This could, it was suggested, induce higher levels of stress in an already stressful situation.

However in practice as demonstrated by thousands of extra oxygen dependent people, they have become a standard, non-intrusive, device that many carry and use. In fact their benefits (allowing people to monitor themselves) far outweigh their suggested disadvantages.

For anyone who needs extra oxygen, whether it is fulltime, at night or while exercising, just the fact that they are unable to absorb sufficient oxygen is not only stressful, but life changing and provokes a series of upheavals and changes in routine, outlook and emotionally.

The physical aspects such as shortness of breath, drowsiness and physical weakness are only one part of what happens. Another, which in the long run can be more critical, are the emotional and psychological repercussions. A change in life style is a must for most people as well as the loss of freedom that comes with it. Loss of freedom as in the ability to enjoy many activities that are usually taken for granted; loss of freedom as in having to always depend on a machine that supplies oxygen; loss of freedom as in never being able to forget that where ever you go, you must have a supply.

Anyone who is unable to absorb the oxygen naturally, without the help of a machine is not on top of the world. Freedom of movement is limited, curtailing normal everyday activities that are usually taken for granted. And this is frustrating, highly frustrating. Your whole life changes.

As portable oxygen machines have gotten better, are lighter and provide oxygen for longer periods of time, the number and duration of activities has increased proportionately for tens of thousand of patients. This is not only good news but has made a tremendous difference in quality of life and being able to do so much more (years back most people ended up bedridden) – in short, day-to-day life is better.

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