The Benefits of Life Coaching – Your Accelerated Growth and Achievements

Perhaps the most important commonality clients of trained personal coaches have in common is that they achieve their clearly defined life goals sooner by moving through challenges more quickly.

Many coaching clients enjoy new levels of happiness, improved communication skills, renewed mental and physical vitality, enhanced creativity, more effective time management and personal productivity, heightened emotional stability, improved income, and deeper intimacy in relationships.

They also learn to minimize or eliminate stress, excessive self-consciousness and ego, fear of the unknown, victimization, the drive for revenge, emotional blocks, and the under estimation of one’s own abilities.

The benefits you will enjoy from engaging a personal coach will be strongly influenced by the directions you choose for making changes in your life along with your degree of motivation to make the changes.

The abilities of your coach to inspire you to act upon and achieve your aspired successes also are an important factor. Ideally your relationship with your chosen coach becomes a partnership of deep sharing, trust, support, and mutual growth wherein there is purpose in you taking advantage of all that your coach has to offer so that you learn to choose the best possible solutions for making your life into what you want it to be.

I’m a firm believer in the concept of “Collective Consciousness” for all of mankind. I believe that at our core Soul level we all are subconsciously connected energetically and spiritually. Manifestations of this universal connectedness include our common abilities to feel emotions, to perceive of birth and death, to use our relatively advanced intellect to create a chosen future, to communicate telepathically, and our common drive to do what makes each of us happy in our unique ways.

This connectedness allows each of us to tap into a vast pool of knowledge and experience that we can apply any moment when we choose to “connect”. Yes, it sounds a lot like logging onto the Internet, and there are many similarities. Think for a moment about the huge amount of information, ideas, creations, communications, and inspirations you are able to find each day when you are connected to the Internet to browse websites and use email. Now consider all of the content you would not be aware of in your day-to-day life (and were therefore underutilizing or missing completely) if you chose not to go “on-line”. I’ll bet that you can easily see how becoming connected has greatly expanded your life by facilitating your communications, knowledge, awareness, and productivity.

For me, coaching is the deeply personal way of you logging on to our collective consciousness network with the explicit goal of you furthering your personal growth. As a client, initially you are taping into this network via a trained professional whose mission with you is to expose you to new knowledge and choices that are combined with your existing base of knowledge and choices so that you develop a vastly expanded awareness of the possible directions for your life choices.

Coaches are trained to ask purposeful essential questions tha

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