The Healthy Diet (Change Your Life Style)

It is good for a man or woman, the weight must be indeed controlled, because overweight, could reduce our attraction against the opponent of the kind.

So, many people carried out the diet but were not successful.
There were also those who succeeded in reducing the weight in time ½ the year, but came back overweight
in the following year.
In fact that if you want to have an ideal weight, planning the diet in a short time (3 – 6 months) not the exact strategy.
Change Your Lifestyle!
Change the pattern of our life in the matter ate and played
sport, for life.
Our body was need the nutrient.
Therefore, the control of the portion of the food entered and nutritive value.
This must be done for life, not only in time 3 – 6 months.
Please, if you take breakfast, always contained fiber (like: pawpaw and bananas), afterwards was filled with snack at the hour 10, and the lunch as usual.
At night, ate meat or vegetables (without rice).

There are many styles of menu.
So, for the variation of the menu, you could see many books that explained the healthy menu escort.
Don’t forget, do your sport activity and increased drank pure water.
When necessary, substitute your drink of soda and your bottle tea with the pure water.

The good sport for the decline in the weight was run and aerobic.
If indeed you had more money, there was good to take aerobic class in the centre of fitness around your house.

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