Unhealthy Life Styles Hurt the Kidney

Nowadays, the health situation of the kidney inside the human body is not satisfactory. Both men and women can be troubled by the kidney disease. The kidney is an important organ inside the human body. First, it can produce urine and maintain the balance of water. Second, it can remove the toxins from the human body so as to maintain the normal physiological activities. Third, it can maintain the normal functions of internal secretion. If the kidney is seriously hurt, various problems can be caused. During the early period of the kidney disease, the symptoms like weariness and hard urination can be caused. If the disease is worsened, other internal organs like heart and liver can also be destroyed.

Generally speaking, the kidney can be seriously hurt by the unhealthy life styles in daily life. If people always eat the foods containing high protein, excessive metabolic wastes like uric acid can be produced to increase the burdens of kidney. Drinking can also cause the metabolic disease of the kidney. In summer, many people like to drink beer and eat sea food, which can seriously hurt the kidney. What’s more, because of the high pressure of work and life, many people usually stay up late and drink strong tea or coffee. Thus, the normal functions of kidney will be easily disturbed. If people do not drink water for a long time, the urination can be affected and the density of toxins inside the urine can be increased to cause renal calculus and hydronephrosis. In addition, if people always hold back the urination, the kidney can also be hurt. This is because urine can produce bacteria inside the bladder and the bacteria can enter kidney through ureter to cause the infection of urinary tract and pyelonephritis.


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