The New High-Tech Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Electricity bills work the way that phone bills work – you basically use the service as much as the want for that month, and in the end, you receive a bill that asks you to trust their accounting procedures and pay what they ask for. It will be funny if anything else worked in this way – say your groceries bill at the supermarket. It would be pretty funny if you just kept buying from the grocery store and at the end of the month, paid them whatever they asked. A proper bill makes it easy for you to identify places to economize. And starting soon, utilities are going to be changing the way they design their bills – so that they can help you save money on electricity as a newly energy-conscious government and nation require.

The new regulations by the government have a simple logic to them – the more you’re given facts and figures about your usage of anything, the better you can get at finding out places to economize, take responsibility and save money on electricity in. The first step in making this possible is already in place in states like Texas and California. The local utility man comes around and replaces your energy meter with a new smart meter. This is a device that can capture information about how much you use from moment to moment to put it all on a graph for you later. In other states, simplyorganizedonline¬† they are either planning to introduce or already have, a new peak and off-peak pricing system. When you use electricity during the busiest hours of the evening – from, say, six in the evening to nine at night, you’ll pay much more than you would for the same amount of consumption in the middle of the day when everyone’s at work and there’s really not much energy being used.

Information is not just power – it is also control. The more your energy bills tell you about your exact method of electricity usage, the more you can be aware and take steps. The thing is, there are so many simple devices and online tools out there that really empower you in your quest for ways to save money on electricity by. Of course, the first place to head to would be your utility company’s website. But if yours doesn’t really have any online utilities free to download, try general-purpose ones like Microsoft Hohm, that tries to show you how your usage pattern compares with everyone else’s in your neighborhood. Another great place to head to would be Lots of people are easily surprised when they find out that they aren’t doing as good a job pinching utility pennies as their neighbors.

Or how about heading down to your local public library to borrow a Kill-a-Watt device? It’ll tell you how much exactly each device you plug in draws and it’ll help you make better adjustments to your lifestyle. There is a pretty elaborate system out there that can help you save money on electricity too. It connects to lots of utility outputs around your house that happen to supply the high-draw devices you have. You can press the green button on the device and right away it will do whatever you ask it to do – turn down the temperature in some places, turn it up in others, turn off devices that are on standby for no reason. The computer router company Cisco has a home energy controller that costs about $1000 too that communicates with every device in your house to keep waste under control.

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