Find Out Different Types of Silk Fabrics

Silk fabric is one of the most desired fabric both in home furnishings as well as clothing industry. It has the natural luster and softness. This natural fabric is also one of the most durable fabrics and associated with luxury and style. Not only in past but today also silk is the symbol of richness, wealth and success.

It is also one of the strongest natural fabrics which has been proved that if we take steel filament of same diameter as that of silk fabric, steel filament will break early. Along with this it can also be dyed in all sorts of colors so perfect for any kind of use. Also its moisture absorbing capacity is great which makes it cool in summers and warm in winters.

What is a Silk Fabric?
Silk fabric is actually the protein fabric just like human hair. To produce these, more info please visit:- silk worms are cultivated in large numbers. The worms made cocoon by eating leaves of mulberry trees. Before hatching of worm into moth the cocoons are soaked in hot water to produce filaments. These filaments are then spun to form fibers which are processed to fabric.

Different Types of Silk Fabric
Although you will find number of silk fabric but basically these are categorized into four major groups. These are

Mulberry Silk
It is one of the most popular and produced by Bombyx mori L that completely feeds on the leaves of mulberry plant. Most of the commercial silks is made from this

Mostly Tasar or Tussah is used to make home furnishing items. Tasar is made from the silk worm, Antheraea mylitta and instead of mulberry plant it is reared on Arjun and Asan plant. This fabric is basically of copper color and less lustrous than the mulberry silk. Finer variety of tasar is produced by Antheraea proyeli J. which feeds on natural oak wood plant.

Muga comes from Assam, etube India and produced by Antheraea assamensis worms which feed on the leaves of Sorn and Soalu plant. This is golden yellow in color.

Eri Silk
To get Eri silk Philosamia ricini worms are reared on castor leaves. It is also called Endi or Errandi.

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