Sports Betting Techniques – “Arbing”

There are many strategies that can be used when sports betting. The most basic strategy is of course to pick a horse and back it to win – or a tennis player or a football team or a snooker player… you get the idea. However if you choose this method you are very unlikely to profit in the long term. The odds are definitely in favour of the bookie being the winner. So what you need is an edge, something to swing the odds in your favour.

Many systems have grown out of this desire to get an edge. They all have different levels of risk and potential return. The least “risky” technique I have come across is matched betting. In theory this is risk free. You sign up to a bookie offering a free bet sign up bonus, freebet place a couple of bets and take your money. The downside to this is that it is limited by the amount of sign up offers available. It is possible to make £100s or even £1000s if you look around for offers though so I would definitely put this at the top of the betting strategy list because of its low risk.

Another potentially risk free technique is called “arbing”. This involves finding discrepancies between the advertised odds at different online bookies. This involves placing bets to cover any possible outcome of an event and still being able to make a profit no matter what the outcome. Many people use this technique and some do very well out of it.

The “arbs” are usually for a small percentage of your stake, perhaps 3%-5%, so a big bank is required to make a reasonable profit. Here lies a potential downside to this technique. If you start betting in big numbers time after time the bookies will notice you. They don’t like “arbers” in general because the odds are against them now. If they think that you are taking advantage of this “loophole” they will either close your account or else severely limit the amount you can bet on an event. If this happens often enough then you will find it very difficult to get your bets placed.

Having said that “arbing” can be a great way to guarantee a profit if everything goes your way. But it is good to be aware of the risks involved. Another potential risk to look out for is if you find an “arb” and place a bet with one bookie by the time you get to place the next bet the price could have changed at the other bookie or bookies. So you could go from having a guaranteed win to having a guaranteed loss – all be it most likely a small one.


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