Hot-Water Pressure Washing Is a Necessity

Construction and remodeling can be a messy business, and that is why having a hot-water pressure washer is a necessity. Paint overspray drips, and spills are a common occurrence at construction job sites. You also may find oil stains from vehicles and equipment, caulk, pressure washing liquid nails, drywall mud and dust, chalk lines, tire marks from tractors or other vehicles, and a whole lot of plain old dirt. Here are four great reasons why you should be pressure washing your project with hot water.

1. Pressure washing is non-abrasive. Using floor scrubbers or scrapers may scratch and damage the surface you are trying to clean. Scratches and gouges in your concrete or pavers are less attractive than the stain you were trying to clean — and more permanent! disco detailing

2. Cold water pressure washers can cause damage too! Avoid power washing with cold water and 0° tips, as they can cause irreparable damage in the form of pitted-out concrete and “snail trails”. Hot-water pressure washers use steam and intense heat to help break down the chemical composition of paint, oil, and other stains without affecting hard flatwork surfaces. Less pressure is then required to lift off the stain. Use a “fan” tip or other tip designed to spread out the force of the water over a wider area. This not only speeds up the job but reduces the risk of etching lines into concrete and other hard surfaces. various tips

3. Multitask with a pressure washer. A pressure washer is a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes around the Jobsite. It can be used to dust off the exterior of a building to ensure a dirt-free buzops surface for painting. A hot-water machine can be used on concrete to remove grime and help open up concrete pores in preparation for the application of epoxy, stains, and sealers. Hot-water pressure washing is also ideal for cleaning accumulated grease and debris from tools, bellanic trucks, heavy equipment, and other construction vehicles. In the event of an unexpected paint spill or oil leak emergency, a hot-water pressure washer will be a welcome addition to your arsenal of tools.

4. Clean to impress! A clean job site at any stage of the construction process is vital to impressing your customer, and a necessity at the end as the project nears completion. Pressure washing with hot water is an easy way to add value to any construction project by increasing customer satisfaction. The first impression a customer has is the exterior of their project as they approach. A filthy mess outside would instantly detract from all the hard work put into the entire project. Alternatively, a clean appearance is inviting and makes a strong statement about the quality of service they can expect from the overall project. sokos miracle


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