Turn Bad News Into Good News

The bad news is that the.com boom is over folks, this is just a fact. If you didn’t get in at the beginning, then your chances of making millions without having to work at it is about 1%. I am so sorry to have to break that news to you. Can you make millions on the internet? The answer is “yes” netedition You definitely can make millions on the internet today, but you will have to work for it. It’s not like back in the day when the internet was new. People that are making millions online today are working hard to do so. Working online today requires the same as any other job you can have, you have to work.

Do not let anyone tell you any different. However, the great thing about the internet is that you only have to work it once. After you get your home based business working, freelancer funda it will then run itself allowing you to enjoy your life. The internet stays working 24/7 and so will your program if you just do it right. Doing it right means putting in the time to learn, to build your business. After all the hard work is done, sit back and enjoy your life.

According to SFI, by the year 2008, the worldwide number of internet users had grown to more than 1.46 BILLION people, with the total amount spent online estimated to grow to $263 billion by 2010. With those numbers in mind, SFI tells us that the U.S. led the pack as of July 2008 for the percentage of its population online. 73.6 percent of Americans were shopping online, that number still constitutes only 17 percent, Rain mba and still shrinking, of the web surfers worldwide. This is a very small segment of online users today.

SFI also tells us that the current and future online growth is and will be in the world’s most populated countries, such as China, India, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. Do you know what continent ranks first worldwide in internet users? Asia ranks first with 578 million internet users and that number is still growing. Since the year 2000, Africa and the Middle East have witnessed an overwhelming increase of online users.

Make no mistake about it, these countries like China, India, and the other rising economic powerhouses around this planet represent a “Huge Potential” for every home-business owner. The mass development in technology, improvements in the standards ERTCbucks of living and an ever increasing disposable income are opening the floodgates to a vast array of virtually untapped business possibilities.

SFI tells me that it is very important to realize that this trend represents much more than an interesting sideline marketing strategy for your business. If you ignore this source of increasing profits, networks, team members, prospects, and resources, then I say that you are just crazy or under educated. Do not just limit your customers to just here in the states, reach out around the world and start marketing for prospects and team members, do this and see your profits skyrocket to no limits. This is true of course if you are working a good program. After all, vents magazine what business owner do you know that would willingly turn away 80% of the possible customers coming into his store? If you know one then you also know a business owner that just went out of business.


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