Assessing the Capabilities of a Oil and Gas Recruiter

Despite a few contractions across the past couple of years, the recruitment industry in Britain is still worth about £19.7 billion and the numbers are no less impressive across the Afro-Asian countries as well. In fact, Asia is expected to see huge growth all around in the current decade. Therefore, head hunting partners or recruiters have a lot at stake. Today, plumbing companies work with optimal workforce strength under their payrolls and seek service partners for accomplishing major tasks like supply chain management and recruitment.

If your quest is for an you need to be especially careful when you select your service partner. This is because the oil and gas domain is a highly specialized one and the workforce needs to be carefully chosen. The oil and gas recruiter firm must possess the skills and expertise required to effectively evaluate candidates. In addition, given that the requirements for this sector tend to be diverse, the recruitment firm should have the required range of options at his disposal to provide complete recruitment solutions. There are some specific pointers you need to check on you plan to strike a partnership with an oil and gas recruiter firm.

Oil and Gas Recruiter: Evaluative Pointers

Some interesting pointers, goodspropertyservices which might help in the evaluation process, while choosing an oil and gas recruiter, include:

1. Ideally, the firm should be able to provide staffing solutions for contract positions, power plant services, surface engineering positions, reservoir engineering requirements as well as requirements at the Oil and Gas Plant. If they do, they possibly have the required range to cater to any requirement that might arise.

2. They should offer recruitment services for Project Managers, 2oceansplumbing right down to the level of unskilled and semi-skilled operators.

3. An added advantage would be if they also provide a repatriation clause for a slated period of 30-90 days. Under such a clause, if the organization encounters problems with the candidate with respect to his performance or behavior, the headhunter would repatriate him at his own cost. This acts as a guarantee for the firm’s staffing solution. madeesy

4. They should complete all required validation checks of the candidates even before they are summoned for an interview. The firm should also be able to produce the relevant documents, if the employer requires them for the selection process.


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