Meetings and Education in Network Marketing

There is one and only one reason why Donald Trump, Bill Gates, rare-chems Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki recommend network marketing. And that is the mindset that you develop to leverage people and resources… which is exactly what they do… which is exactly the formula to create wealth.

They believe the world needs more wealth creators. Good employees, for all they are good for, are money suckers from an organization’s system. A liability. Marketers – at most – would be assets, if they bring enough money in. But network marketers on the other hand, are assets for their own organizations as well for the system/s they subscribe to. world-arms

I find this point is rarely understood by people. Even those people who have been open minded enough to opt in to the network marketing circuit. And I believe that if network marketers are to design the futures of their families with some level of predictability, this is the key point to understand. legalroids

Therefore I say it again, phrased differently. If you want to control your success as a network marketer, you need to accept that your traditional knowledge and education is not going to get you there. You need B-quadrant thinking (ref: Robert Kiyosaki) and a good understanding of what actions will put money into your pocket (assets) and what will take it out (liabilities). tobabet4d-slot.

Chances are, you still didn’t get it (it took me several years to get it myself :-)). And that is the point of this article. You need a different education, for a different mindset, for success in network marketing. And that education, like any traditional education would require you to go somewhere. Meetings are like the ‘schools’ for network marketers. metrowaterblasting

You learn faster if you attend more meetings because your mind develops that much more. It is important at a meeting to not judge or like/dislike. Because you don’t really understand what the meeting is doing to your mind anyway. All you have to like is ‘the reason why’ you opted for network marketing. Just as you may not have liked Chemistry at school, yanitor but liked the idea of becoming a graduate… so you went through the Chem classes, right?

There’s no rocket science to this. Just a simple understanding and admission of the fact that you do not know what it takes to succeed in network marketing when you join up for it. So if you are not seeing success, you have a simple measure… how many meetings have you missed? taxi39000


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