Plumbing Advice – Renew Your Pipes – Don’t Replace Them!

Dallas has one of the worse soils for construction and plumbing. The shifting clay soil makes the piping under ground to give up under stress. Also the “hard water” coming from the several lakes in the area will make the pipes of your house in the Dallas metro area to deteriorate at a fast pace. Then you have to dig and get dirty under all that clay in order to fix the problems. tobabet4d

There is an awesome new option available for homeowners in certain areas who are having trouble with their plumbing -in some areas these problems are even more common such as in the Dallas Metro area in Texas- either inside or outside of their home. It is called “Pipe Renewal”. Pipe Renewal allows you to create a brand new pipe inside of your existing pipe with little to NO digging or excavating required!

In the past, whenever a homeowner faced the problem of a damaged or blocked drainage system due to shifting soil in the Dallas Metro area, their only option was to do extensive digging to either replace just the spot of damaged underground pipe, or even more extensive digging to replace the entire pipe.

Then the option of Pipe Bursting became available, – as explained in another of my articles, it is a solution a licensed plumber in Dallas would do- which replaced their old pipe with a new one by bursting their old pipe from the inside out. However this method also required digging large pits in 2 different excavation spots. The digging creates problems as damage WILL occur to grass/lawn/landscaping/flowerbeds if the pipe is underground in the yard. Damage will occur to concrete if the pipe is underneath the foundation, the driveway, the sidewalk or the patio (the concrete must be removed by jackhammer). All of these areas must be repaired and replaced after the plumbing problem is fixed. Of even greater concern is the issue of fill dirt around the repaired or replaced pipe settling and causing the pipe to shift later. metrowaterblasting

If a problem occurs with the supply pipes inside your home, then in the past, the only option was again, replacing/repairing just the spot of pipe that is a problem, ore replacing the entire pipe. In either case, excavating is required. This excavation will involve cutting into walls, ripping up floors, cutting into the ceiling or using a jackhammer on the foundation. Damaged areas will have to be repaired, repainted, re-tiled, etc.

With Pipe Renewal, little to no digging OR excavating into floors, ceilings and walls is required because of how the solution is performed: A membrane is covered with a safe, non-toxic, epoxy resin and is fed into your existing pipes, usually through an existing clean-out. The membrane is expanded with air like a balloon until it fills the inside of your pipe. At that time, the quick-drying epoxy resin and membrane harden and cure to form a brand new, smooth and seamless pipe.

First, the pipe is dried completely from the inside out by blowing heated air into the pipes. Once they are dry, then the pipes are blasted with a high pressure grime-busting agent that clean the pipes thoroughly. Then the pipes are ready for the epoxy to be applied. When the epoxy dries, you are left with an impenetrable and safe coating that protects and restores your existing pipes to a new condition.

The advantages are numerous for this type of plumbing solution. There is no digging required, so as we mentioned, you have no potential damage to your landscaping, grass, plants, lumecreation driveway, foundation, sidewalks and/or patio. No mess from excavating giant holes and no jackhammer use. You don’t have to worry about the ground settling from installing new pipes or new sections of pipes. There are no seams in the pipe where leaks can possibly occur. This also is a protection from tree and plant roots entering the seams to get to the moisture inside. The work can be completed very quickly with very minimal, if any, clean up afterward. You have total peace of mind knowing that you have a new pipe. To add to your peace of mind, you will enjoy the best guarantees of all the other drainage system solutions. Imagine a NEW pipe with NO excavating required! This truly is a revolutionary solution. It also is environmentally friendly because your old pipes do not end up filling up a landfill.


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