EPublishing, Long Tail Keywords and Insurance Agency Leads

Organic Insurance Agency SEO and ePublishing can offer many agencies a good long term path for in profile insurance agency leads. This is not to negate the importance of video when it comes to web content and SEO, insurance agency but to ensure ePublsihing is not a forgotten component in a well orchestrated insurance agency marketing plan. Let’s review a few key definitions before delving into the nuances of integrating ePublishing into an insurance lead generation plan.


    • Article Directory – A website with a collection of articles written about varied topics. Article directories, which are sometimes referred to as online magazines, publish original articles for increased exposure, website traffic and high quality backlinks for the author. Artificial Turf


    • Organic SEO – The process of increasing website visibility in a search engine’s natural (un-paid organic) search results. Web pages can leverage SEO techniques to improve relevancy and increase their likelihood of high search engine rankings (SERP). Top ranked pages receive dramatically more clicks, driving more traffic to insurance agency websites. Unlike PPC, there are no fees paid to search engines when an organic link result is clicked. Learn to Surf


    • PPC – “Pay Per Click” is used in online advertising. PPC advertisements generate revenue each time a visitor clicks on an online ad. Many search engines use the pay per click model, displaying sponsored results along with other relevant results for searches. PPC can also be used by web publishers targeting specific industry niches. Every time a user clicks on a PPC ad, the advertiser is charged a fee, which can range from pennies to tens of dollars.


    • ePublishing – Electronic publishing or digital publishing is often referred to as ePublishing. This includes the digital publication of e-books, electronic articles, digital libraries and catalogues. Today, many types of distribution via the Internet is often associated with electronic publishing. For the purposes of this article, ePublishing can be thought of as a method to electronically distribute industry relevant content to help increase quality website traffic, how to lose weight backlinks and improved organic SEO for the purposes of generating increased insurance agency leads.


    • Keywords – Words or phrases used to identify and describe content (these can be external or actually embedded in the content). Keywords can be used to describe images, documents, database records, and Web pages. Search engines index keywords to identify content and return relevant results for searches.


    • Long Tail Keywords – A type of keyword phrase with three to five words in the phrase. Long tail keywords are used when a web searcher is looking for something specific. Insurance phrases like Restaurant Business Interruption Insurance, New York Owner Operator Insurance, Virginia Motorcoach Insurance and Mid Atlantic PPACA Compliance are all examples of long tail keyword phrases. Though the number of searches for long tail keywords is less than broader keyword phrases, they can produce high quality website traffic for insurance agents. Mobile detailing service Billings


    • eMarketing – For the purposes of this article, eMarketing is used as an example of outbound digital marketing and content distribution as opposed to inbound oriented methods such as ePublishing, organic SEO and PPC campaigns.


  • Backlinks – Backlinks, which are incoming (inbound) links to a website or web page. Simply stated a backlink is any link received by a web page, directory, website from another web node. At one time, the quantity of backlinks was preeminent in SEO strategies, but due to a series of search engine algorithm shifts, the quality and relevancy of backlinks is far more important than quantity.


There are faster methods to produce insurance agency leads than organic SEO and ePublshing. For example, PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click Ads) can produce quicker results, though PPC requires care and constant feeding with regard to both time and money. Organic Insurance Agency SEO and ePublishing isn’t likely to produce leads as quickly as an integrated eMarketing and appointment setting campaigns, but over the long term, can positively augment other marketing initiatives and produce an impressive number of in profile leads. Insurance agents might ponder the correlation between ePublishing and insurance agency SEO. After all, ePublishing itself can yield good dividends, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of views predicated upon the topic. And once an article is published, the article can continue to attract readers for months or even years. ePublishing and SEO should be tightly integrated into a comprehensive insurance agency long tail keyword analysis. After all, ePublished articles should be keyword rich and SEO optimized for tags. Backlinks should target optimized website pages, or customized landing pages to optimize calls to action applicable to the content of the ePublished articles. This should result in a win-win, producing highly relevant content and a high quality back link from a trusted article directory, online magazine, industry blog or ePublishing platform.

How many prospects might view a given insurance agency article? That depends on how specialized the topic and the marketing distribution methodology around the article. For example, a niche oriented insurance article pertaining to restaurant insurance, construction insurance or trucking insurance might yield 50, 100 or 200 views. However, if the topic is timely, pithy and relevant, such as “How To Ensure PPACA Compliance For Your Next Renewal, or Experience Mod Factors And The Impact On Your Restaurant Insurance Rates, or “Owner Operator Insurance 101 – What A Driver Needs To Know”, these types articles can attract thousands of readers, and continue to attract readers even after marketing campaigns have subsided. So, next time you’re agency is thinking about web marketing and insurance SEO, consider ePulishing as a valued vehicle in your keyword rich content distribution strategy. An integrated strategy works best, though with limited time and budget, insurance agents should focus on the best possible ROI driven lead generation approach.


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