On Eagles Wings With the Christian Religion

You are hereby invited to mount on eagles’ wings. The general aim is to make you an eagle and cause you to approach life the way an eagle does when it is about to embark on a flight. The over riding purpose in these series is to issue you with the push you very strongly desire in order for you to get transformed to the man God wants you to be. How? you may query. He created you essentially to have absolute control over His entire creation. In Genesis 1:28, God said to man: thereloadershouse

‘And God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”‘ (NAS). The understanding we can have from this and the following verse literally is that man should go and enjoy the entire creation of God. It is marvelous, great, and enchanting. ammunitionscenter

Every Christian and other religious folks that are familiar with the cardinal elements built into the above passage will indeed be supercharged with the willingness to soar higher than the clouds. Put differently, such people will aspire to break beyond the bands of problems that dot their pathway of life to enjoy God’s refreshing blessings. I here  reference Job 37:30. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

First, the eagle knows that to succeed in reaching the height it has set for itself it must ride above the clouds. What does it do? It studies the winds and its wings with its sharp eyes and flings itself into it. When in the air, it is assisted by the wings to move up with little efforts of its own. This perhaps, is the reason the Bible teaches Christians in all they do that they must acquire wisdom. Wisdom is one principal quality that can’t be shoved away. In every problem its solution is wrapped within it. You just need eagle-like eyes to ferret out the solution. The problems that confront us in our daily living include financial, marital, educational, physical, and social and what have you. When they surge up all that is required is for you to shift your focus away from the problems and fix your attention on solutions to the problems. In this way, each solution is revealed. oros.store

When darkness reduced the amount of light human beings could have, a man thought about it and brought a solution to it via electricity. It might never be known if he envisioned the spectrum of the solutions that electricity now allows man to enjoy. affluentwords

Hear this: men will still find solutions to what we today call problems and make billions and billions of dollars out of the solutions provided. Be part of that happening.

Remember this as a Christian that the bigger the problem the simpler its solution just the same way the flight of an eagle becomes easier in the pay back in terms of finances, fame and the pleasurably refreshing easy life. The eagle once above the clouds, its flight becomes less demanding, it glides thereafter. skywings

Brethren, mark you there is solution to your present problem. Seek wisdom, solution and you can be sure that God will help you out. It is only those that seek that can find, those that ask receive, and those that knock get open doors.


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